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Drapers presents: LUNA KISS + The Ellipsis

8:30pm // 18+ // free entry

Luna Kiss have been revelling in a constant state of creative change for the last seven years. But it it was only in 2017 that the Coventry quartet’s vision came into sharp focus. Six years on from the release of their acclaimed debut album Echoes Of Sound, Luna Kiss returned with a new collection of songs, Following Shadows. As hinted at on 2014’s Conjure & Sin EP and last year’s Gravity EP, the quintet have blossomed into something enthralling and unique, powered by inspiration and an unwavering lust for creativity. 

“Following Shadows is the culmination of those years of exploration,” states singer/guitarist Wil Russell. “We finally arrived at a sound that we all really feel passionate and excited about. Our tastes are very broad. We all grew up on alternative rock but there’s electronic, indie and pop music in there too. " 

Recorded with esteemed producer and prog legend John Mitchell (Enter Shikari/Architects) at the controls, the new Luna Kiss material pulls off the neat trick of being both highly distinctive and fresh and perfectly in tune with the ongoing resurgence of visionary rock music.


The Ellipsis are one of the UK's most exciting unsigned bands. They've already had tracks played on BBC Radio 1 and on Kerrang Radio as well as getting support from hundreds of other stations across the UK and around the world.

They're still just 21 years old but show amazing maturity in their writing and performances. They've played venues around the country, opened Godiva Festival in their hometown, Coventry and played to 32,000 Rugby fans at the Wasps Stadium. 

Their latest single 'Elsewhere' is a punchy, unforgettable rock song that hooks you in from the start with its interesting verses, memorable chorus and a middle-eight that explodes with energy. Written by the band, it's a 'boy meets girl' story. She enchants him with her amazing dancing "all curves and hair" but he feels awkward and hopeless "all arms and legs" so "he'll just nod his head". Previous singles include 'Wasted Potential Me' and 'Cold Cactus' and there is a new track scheduled for release in March 2018.