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'As One' pop-up photography exhibition

Traditionally, photography was considered to be a solitary medium in which photographs were captured by a single eye. This theory ignores socially engaged art, in which participants take an active role in their representation. ‘As One’ has been developed collaboratively by photographers Kelly Bryan and Lucy Bedford and four voluntary participants, it aims to dispel this concept whilst developing conversations regarding anxiety. Over a 5-week period, Bryan and Bedford created co-authored work, with the participants and themselves developing three separate elements to help consider and demonstrate issues surrounding anxiety.

A three-part installation is employed to symbolise the more elusive elements of the collaborative process. Voice recordings, answering the question: “What are your opinions, descriptions and/or experiences with anxiety?”, are exhibited alongside photographic and written responses to these initial sound pieces. The two physical responses are hung separately, this allows the audience to view the pieces as one, exaggerating the collaboration between those involved, or to view them separately demonstrating each individual’s work. This immersive experience aims to direct attention towards the construction of ‘As One’, which raises thought-provoking questions regarding the photographic process in co-authored projects.