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Dayman, AHHH! Fighter of the Nightman! It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia themed quiz

'What up! We're three cool guys looking for other cool guys who want to hang out in our party mansion! Nothing Sexual. Dudes in good shape encouraged, but if you're fat, we expect you to find humor in the little things. Nothing Sexual.'

Local quizmaster Steve Teeling is taking over Drapers every first Thursday of the month with a delightful array of pop culture themed quizzes. This month we're putting your knowledge of hysterical FX series, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, to the test! Come down and prove that the only thing the gang is missing is you're enormous mind, clearly.

£2 per person. The quiz will be in 5 rounds (plus 1 music), covering ALL 12 SEASONS of the show. Theres's a £50 cash 1st prize, 2nd prize is a meal for two, a half time prize (did someone say chicken wings and beer?) and for the team who's brains are smaller than Sweet Dee's bony ass...a super secret surprise booby prize!

Make sure you bring your smart phones (some tech genius has only gone and made a bloody pub quizzing app)